North Torrance Little League (NTLL) is a chartered league governed by the published rules and regulations of Little League Baseball Incorporated. As such, NTLL operates under the guiding principle of developing Character, Courage, and Loyalty.

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Things to remember when buying a glove at any age:

First, you must make sure the child can adequately open and close the glove.  New gloves can be pricey and are often too stiff for the child to close.   A used glove that is already broken in is a great option (Craig’s List, Play it Again Sports, or hand-me-downs, etc).

Second, just because your child can handle a big glove doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.  Larger gloves allow a young player to rely more on the glove and less on their ability.  If your child can make plays using a smaller glove he or she will be an expert as they get older and can move up to adult sized gloves.  Note: Little League has a 12” limit on glove size.

Here are some general sizing suggestions for children in the various divisions.  Please understand that each child is different and there may be exceptions.

T-Ball (4-5):  Generally marked with “T-ball” somewhere on the glove.  Sizing 9-10” recommended.  Make sure the glove is thin and easy to close, as T-ballers generally don’t have the hand strength to close a real leather glove.

Rookie (5-6):  Similarly to T-ball a 10” glove is ideal for this age group and something that can easily be closed by little hands.

Farm (7-8):  At the Farm division hands are getting a bit stronger.  Typical kids ages 7-9 would use a 10.5” or 11” glove but larger kids can probably use a 11.5” glove.  Even though kids are stronger in training it’s also important to find a glove that’s easy to close.

Minors (9-10):  For Minors it’s normal to use an 10.5” to 11.5” glove.  Kids this age can sometimes use a 12” glove however using a bit of a smaller glove is better for player development as the player is forced to get down on the ball and play it correctly rather than letting the glove do more of the work.

Majors (11-12):  Same as Minors.  Generally, Major players would use a 10.5” to 12” glove.  Kids who concentrate on infield positions especially short stop and second base should aim for a smaller size and outfielders should go a little bigger.